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Welcome to the Dance Page!

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These pages will be devoted to a wealth of information on the following dances:

Folk & Round
Contra & Clogging
Blues Soc.& Fest.

OK, so I cheated... Blues Societies aren't dances, but it's my favorite music to dance to and I just can't resist including it here. There is an amazing amount of information already included in many other wonderful web sites, and I'll try to include links to all of them, but there's much information which isn't easily found as well, so I wanted to add my effort in the hopes that it can be of some help.

There are many forms of dance I'm not including here, but my focus is mainly on social dances. With any help people can give me by sending me additional information, I will make an attempt to include the following information:

Local dance clubs and info
Upcoming dance events
Links to great dance sites
Other dance resources
...and more !

Please have patience while this site is under construction

List of resources on the web for all dances:
Nerd World : DANCE Large Index of DANCE related internet resources by Nerd World Media.
Yahoo's Dance Page

Great Sites for Information on Various Dance Styles!
Henry's Dance Hotlist A dancing fool's meta-index.
Eileen Bauer's FTP Dancer's Archive places, times, types
Victor Eijkhout's dance links