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Carol's Page

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This site has information on Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country and Folk Dance as well as a little about Blues Societies and Festivals.

Welcome to this section of my realm.

In 1989 I had my first dance lesson and started competing in Country Dance. As I worked on my dance skills over the next 7 years or so, I made wonderful friends, grew as a person, started concentrating mostly on East and West Coast Swings, learned how to teach dance, and was fortunate enough to have wonderful dance partners. My last and best was Bart McJunkin, who always kept a sense of humor and desire to have fun which kept ensured that dance was always a great pleasure and addiction. We spent a large portion of our time improving our skills by dancing to the kinds of music we enjoyed most, dancing and playing to Blues and Classic Rock.

In addition to Country, East and West Coast Swing, I also learned a little bit of Hustle and Latins though I am still terribly beginner level at the Latin dances.

In 1996, I started up a publication called "What's Shakin!" to let everyone know where all the dance opportunities were in Spokane, WA and in the region. It was alot of fun and took off with a life of it's own. At the time, I had NO idea how to work with web pages, so space was limitted. In late October of this 1997, I started learning about web pages and now I'm thoroughly addicted to it and now have only the restrictions of time to hold me back on what I can do here (maniacal laugh)

1996 also brought about more dance growth in the Spokane area when Robert, Vicki, Bart and I started the Spokane Swing Dance Club which is going strong, bringing in many new dancers and bringing the Spokane Dance community together. Words can not express just how much everyone in the club means to me and how they enriched my life.

In July of 1997 I left Spokane and currently live in Southern California where I intend to get involved in the dance community soon.

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