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Very Recently, I started learning about how to build a web page. Before that, I couldn't have been much more intimidated by the whole idea. I was sent the URL for a wonderful web site at the end of October, and followed the links from there to total addiction!

By the end of the first day I had one page up on a site with free web pages, and started looking everywhere for information on how to do a link to a second page. The search for that one little command started me on a great adventure, and I was completely fascinated by it all before I ever found that information.

There are great sources of information on the web for learning about building web sites from learning to crawl to all of the flashiest tricks you can find... and what you can't find in a lesson, you can quickly learn how to grab from someone else's page.

These are some great resource pages for information on HTML and page design:

RGFN Homepage Template
HTML Primer
*Writing HTML*
How do they do that with HTML?
Debbie's All-In-One HTML Resource Page
Christine's Library
Earthlink - HTML Help Links
Guide to Web Style
HTML and Web
Development Links
HTML Expert Links
Intermediate HTML Functions
Intro to HTML
The Land of Tazz
Larry's Home Page Stuff
The Web Designer
Help Desk
Sizzling HTML - Guide to HTML Commands
Web Page Designing
Web Programmers Recource List
Webmaster's Reference Library
World Wide Development Resources
Yahoo Links to
Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual
A+ Art
PurP's World - HTML, Graphics and FUN!
The Free Site
Internet Tool Zone
Best of the Web at InfoTrek
Come Back Soon
HTML Resources

Need to find quickly the html code for a symbol?

If you're not in a big hurry to learn how to build a page on your own, there are programs available that will do most of the work for you, and on many of them, no knowledge of HTML is needed at all. Below are some of the ones available, and most are shareware or freeware.

Home Site
HotDog Express
HypeType Edit 1.0b
FlexED HTML Editor
(3.1 or Win95)
Coffecup HTML Editor
(3.1 or Win95)
Microsoft FrontPage
Web-It HTML Editor
(3.1 or Win95)
More Added Frequently
HTML Editors

Frontier ( is a free product which will help you create both individual pages and complete websites with a minimum of hassle.

HotMetal Pro 4.0
free evaluation copy - full featured
HTML Editors to Purchase

Neither of the above are neccessary for the most basic of pages. There are many places on the internet where you can get free web pages. Most of them make it possible to click on the color scheme you want, type in a couple of things, and voila`! you have your own Home Page!

This is a great way to start, because they allow you to continue making changes and improvements to your page as your comfort level grows and most have a large index of free images for members' pages. So whether you use an HTML Editor program, write your own, or want it done for you, the next step is to get it onto the internet and introduce yourself to the world:

Angelfire 5MB
GeoCities 6MB
Tripod 2MB
Xoom Software 5MB
Fortunecity 10MB
Free Pages

Also Check out the other great software available for graphics, sound, HTML, CGI and more on my Software Page

OOP - Object-Oriented Programming

SiteBuilder Network

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