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Sound Players

Download RealAudio RealAudio 5.0 to hear Songs in STEREO
Download Crescendo! Active X Midi Player
DSP Functions Implemented by WAVmaker
Inline Plug-ins
CoolEdit software for windows. It can play, record, and convert a variety of sound files, including the two most popular on the Web, wav and au formats. It also provides many recording options and special sound effects.

WAVmaker -- Works with Windows 95 & NT.
MODplug MOD Player
Download NetShow 2.0 MP3 (Mpeg3) player
Maplay -- Maplay does a great job of playing .wav, .mid, and MPEG audio files, and it's free.
TrueSpeech Audio Player for pre-Netscape 3 and required for .tsp compressed format
Winamp -- The premier MP3 Audio player for Windows 95 and NT. You can also find other information at
Beatnik Plug-in -- Works with Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Communicator, on both Windows 95/NT and Macintosh PowerPC platforms on MIDI, WAV, AIFF, au, Sound Designer II, MOD, and RMF file formats. Will not work with Windows 3.1 or 68k Macs.
MidiPlus -- Features a CD-like interface and plays .mid and .wav files as well as video files in .avi format.

EZ-Ram RealAudio Jukebox - PCs only ..not for MACs - This RA Player can play Songs in any order you choose or you can hit the "Shuffle" button to have them play in Random order. (must have RealAudio installed for EZ-Ram jukebox to work
WinGroove MIDI Player

WebMaster Software: a great collection of Winsock software

Download GIF construction set(for windows - about 1.6MB) (if address doesn't work try another ftp) or GIF Builder(for Macs) to make your own animations

Best Images on the Web graphics and downloadable programs to make them

The largest free CGI resources index and download site for Unix, Windows, and Windows NT is found at Selena Sol's CGI Script Archive.


Software Sources

McAfee Mall Lots of purchaseable software

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