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I love Javascript.. and would Love to have applets on my pages.. but in the interest of speeding up loading time of my pages, the actual pages remain, for the most part, an applet-free zone. To view something really cool, click here

Applets from JavaSoft
Background Changer Javascript
Cafe del Sol
Dynamic Drive - GREAT site for scripts
ET APPLETS featuring Gate Keeper, a cool snippet of JavaScript code that you can use to restrict access to some or all of your web pages without the need for any CGI scripting. Anyone who wishes to visit the protected pages will have to know the password. And..

Multi-link jump boxes
   Learn how to add these cool little widgets to your page. *Please Note: this one doesnt go anywhere.. see example at top of page

JARS - The Java Applet Rating Service. Large rated, categorized & searchable database of Java applets. Source code available for many. Information on the latest Java related technologies. Also has sections on VRML, PERL, JavaScript and ActiveX.
The Java(TM) Boutique
JavaScript Planet - This site is Wonderful with nearly 800 scripts available for free!
The JavaScript Source definately worth a visit!
JavaScript Tip of the Week (from Though no longer updating here, tips of past weeks can be found in their archives, and check out these sections as well: Doc JavaScript, and Dynamic HTML Lab -- the author has since moved to:
JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer Hands-on tutorial on basic JavaScript principles
Midi Vault scripts for playing, showing and changing MIDIs

Javascript links
Internet tips

Download GIF construction set (for windows - about 1.6MB) to make your own animations

The largest free CGI resources index and download site for Unix, Windows, and Windows NT is found at Selena Sol's CGI Script Archive.
Matt's Script Archive Perl CGI Scripts, C++ CGI Programs, and more

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